Bella Donna Red Wine

Smooth moves, ripe black currant and cherry that gently ebb into a warm oak groove. A hearty red wine that offers a smidge of pepper and spice with soft tannins and an elegant finish.
 What else can be said about this wine? It has the classic flavor profile that makes Cabernet the most famous grape in the world. Our version, while still complex, is smoother than many, with not as much tannin that makes some younger Cabs taste bitter. Therefore, this wine can be enjoyed by the Cab lover or even somebody who gravitates towards the lighter bodied reds like Merlot.
Region:  California
Oak Aging:  American /French
Similar Styles: Cabernet Merlot, Cabernet Shiraz, Cabernet Franc

Food Pairings:  Flavorful beef dishes, spareribs, lamb, game dishes including pheasant and venison

Cheese Pairings:  Firm cheeses (cheddar) and hard cheeses ( rich & nutty Asiago, sharp & tangy Romano, and rich, sharp & complex Parmesan)

Wine Provided by:  Su Vino Winery. 
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