The Black Moods

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New Single
"Whatcha Got" 

Out NOW!

Produced by Johnny "K" Karkazis

New Single "Whatcha Got" Out Now!


Latest Single
"Whatcha Got" 

Produced by Johnny Karkazis


Whatcha Got

"Bad News" 

Produced by Johnny Karkazis


Bad News (radio edit)

"Bella Donna"

Produced by Johnny Karkazis


Bella Donna


Produced by Jim Kaufman

Someone To Save Us


Say It For The Last Time

How Long

The Black Moods (Self Titled)

Produced by Jim Kaufman


Hey You


Don't Let Them Get You Down

Like A Wave 

Dazed & Confused - A Stoned-Out Salute to Led Zeppelin

Track "Thank You" Produced by Jim Kaufman


Thank You

The Black Moods



JOSH KENNEDY guitar/vocals

CHICO DIAZ drums/vocals

JORDAN HOFFMAN bass/vocals

The Black Moods play raw, amplified rock & roll.

Born in the Arizona desert and reared on stages across North America, the band delivers a modern update of a timeless sound, breathing fresh life into a familiar mix of electric guitars, anthemic hooks, and percussive stomp. The Black Moods' three members — frontman/guitarist Josh Kennedy, drummer Chico Diaz and bassist Jordan Hoffman — aren't looking to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they're piling into a vehicle that's existed for decades, souping up the engine to suit their contemporary needs, and steering those wheels toward their own rock & roll horizon.

The band formed in Tempe, Arizona. Inspired by local heroes like the Gin Blossoms and Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers — both of whom have become champions of the Black Moods, often tapping the group as a high-profile opening act — The Black Moods began building their audience the old-school way: by hitting the road. They toured heavily, promoting albums like their 2012 self-titled debut and 2016's Medicine with gigs across the country. By the time "Bella Donna" hit the radio airwaves during the summer of 2018, The Black Moods' fanbase had grown exponentially. The song became a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, paving the way for the band's biggest shows to date.

Modern-day torchbearers of ageless rock & roll, The Black Moods aren't shy about nodding to their influences. "Bella Donna" was partially inspired by the Doors' slinky strut, while the climatic chorus of "Bad News" points to alt-rock mainstays like the Foo Fighters. With one boot planted in the same ground as their influences and the other pointed toward unexplored territory, The Black Moods blaze their own path while still paying tribute to those who came before them.

Both "Bella Donna" and "Bad News" were recorded with Grammy Award-nominated producer Johnny "K" Karkazis, who flew to Phoenix and set up a makeshift studio in the band's own rehearsal space. There, in the same practice facility once shared by hometown heroes like the Refreshments, the band funneled the spirit and swagger of their live show into their most dynamic recordings to date. That live show — which The Black Moods sharpened with cross-country tours alongside the Doors' Robbie Krieger, Shinedown, Jane's Addiction, Eve 6, Cracker, and numerous other headliners — has always been one of the band's strongest selling points. Now, thanks to singles like "Bella Donna" (which also lends its name to the first wine in The Black Moods' wine series), The Black Moods' fury and fire onstage is matched by their electricity on record.

The band's name is The Black Moods. And these days, those black moods are looking pretty bright.

By Andrew Leahy


"Whatcha Got" OUT NOW!
Released on Steelhorse Entertainment


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